Making off Fotoshooting
Befüllen des Flakeanalysers

1. Einfüllen

Mahlgut wird über Schüttöffnung dem Gerät zugeführt

Analyse des zugeführten Materials

2. Analyse über Nah-Infrarot-Spektroskopie

Sensorsystem mit hochauflösender Hyper-Spectral-Imaging-Technologie erfasst charakteristisches Spektrum

Rückgabe des Materials

3. Rückgabe

analysiertes Mahlgut wird am Boden des Gerätes wieder ausgegeben

Erhalt des Analyseergebnis

4. Ergebnis

Analyseresultate für EXCEL, E-Mail-Versand, Labelprinter

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Our origins lie in classic mechanical engineering. In-house construction, solid and modern design as well as in-house production facilities are the basis for high-quality products. Control technology, software development, e-planning, control cabinet construction and assembly are also carried out in-house, so that the path from concept to finished machine is correspondingly short for us.

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By using and combining different optical sensors, we are able to successfully fulfil a wide range of customer requirements. In addition to NIR spectroscopy, which is our core competence, we also work in the field of visible light (VIS). Specially developed illumination and software solutions guarantee a high degree of flexibility and customisation options to suit your requirements.

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Pick-and-place applications, handling, machine loading, palletising - the applications we have implemented to date are as varied as the areas of use of the models from the range of different robot suppliers. As an ABB value provider, we prefer to use ABB robots, but we are also happy to work with models from other manufacturers such as Fanuc and Kuka, depending on the task and customer requirements.



The flakeanalyser is a device for fast and non-destructive quality control and material analysis of plastic ground materials. Typical applications are:

  • Polyolefins
  • Plastics in electronic scrap
  • PET flakes

Device features

  • AI-based analysis of regrinds and plastic flakes by
    • Material type
    • Object colour
    • Volume
  • Simultaneous assignment of detected objects according to colour and material
  • statistical consideration of black and dark objects
  • weight-related evaluation based on measured volumes
  • determination of particle size distribution
  • can be converted to continuous measurement (inline version)
  • modern and solid design
  • intuitive operation via touch screen
  • automatic output of protocols
  • automatic archiving of analysis results

Technical data

Rundumansicht Flakeanalyser

Dimensions: 1,670 mm height, 1,050 mm width, 795 mm depth

Weight: approx. 250kg

Connected load: 2.1 kW (230 VAC, 16A)

Grain sizes: 2 - 30 mm

Throughput: approx. 250 g/min

Sample volume: approx. 8 l

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